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6/10/2018 9:17:42 AM


we came from nowhere
nowhere our road leads
without purpose
hanging on the streets
in the dark 
uder the neon blinks

empty subway tube at night
waiting for their strike
they will never lose our trail
but tonight we dont need to run

on this unreal streets we are the warriors
on this unreal streets in our dreams
on this unreal streets we are the warriors
from here till eternity

like a straight line consciousness
she fly and she made ignite 
we go thru the empty gates
from now they can do no harm 

They were just like stone and steel
chasing us and somwhere there
They were always something real 
but tonight we`ve change the game

they never 
be a threat and make us run
they will never bring us down

6/10/2018 8:42:39 AM

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