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10/13/2017 10:24:28 PM

Holy crap I haven't been here in years. Everything is open for anyone to jump on. 
11/28/2016 5:28:39 PM

I'm new here.  I just posted a comment then saw the dates on previous posts.  Is this song project long since dead?
11/28/2016 5:27:07 PM

Do you want a Great White distorted guitar style or something cleaner?
9/29/2010 10:20:46 AM

go for it!

4/3/2009 7:23:32 PM

Hey man,
I know you didn't say you wanted a solo on this one,

But I think it would sound pretty nice acoustically with a sublime-type solo to it...

Get at me if you want me to give it a shot
5/10/2008 4:18:39 PM

lilith has uploaded a new Document with the label 20 Years To Life.
File Description:

Written By: E .G. Drogt (Lilithawaits)

Foundation for Music By: Jason C. (

5/10/2008 3:22:34 PM

lilith has uploaded a new Mix with the label 20 Years to Life.
File Description:

Beginning chords , Chorus w/o vocal, Chorus w/ vocal.

Have all lyrics to song , now we just need to put it together.

Thanks to (jason) for music.

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