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1/25/2011 11:42:24 AM

shattered image has deleted the following item from the workspace: Drum recording set up
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12/11/2010 9:38:55 AM

shattered image has deleted the following item from the workspace: Get Out Of My Face (Re-Eqed)
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9/9/2010 3:41:53 AM

shattered image has uploaded a new Mix with the title Get Out Of My Face (Re-Eqed).
File Description:

I found the highs in the other mix were a bit over powering, so I just took the edge off, and ran a copy of my drum track underneath just to bring up the snare a bit. Did'nt really do much.


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7/1/2010 3:16:39 PM

Hey sharkboy, Just put up a temporary pic. I'll search over the weekend for something that might suit. I'm thinking of an angry/ deranged face. If you have anything in mind let me know!
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7/1/2010 3:11:46 PM

The project has been published.
7/1/2010 7:38:56 AM

Just publish it from this workspace. I do not have the media player integrated into the band pages yet.
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6/30/2010 11:11:23 PM

Yep! I reckon thats it. Do you want me to open a "band" page project and publish it that way. That way it will come up as a finished band project for "Cranked"?
6/30/2010 9:51:14 PM

sharkboy has uploaded a new Mix with the title Last mix (I Hope).
File Description:I made a few slight adjustments and cleaned up a few little things. I have also tweaked the EQ and compression settings on the drums. I think they are a bit punchier in this mix. They got lost in a few places in the last mix.

If you like it click the Publish button and I will do my thing that will feature it on the home page..

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6/28/2010 11:48:34 PM

I think this is the best one to date. Vocals sound much better. The unison and whatever effect you used really works, and the feel is much better this time. Guitar has balls again cool!!! I think it's got the feel back. I've only listened to it on desktop speakers and head phones, but sounded great on headphones. By the time it gets to the end of the solo the intensity has kicked in. It's great.

Only nit picking thing I noticed, was the old vocal track between the 35sec and 50sec mark seemed a little more mono(ish) than the newer vocals. Not a big deal, maybe a bit of extra echo on that part. Other than that it all sounds good. Will listen on different set ups tonight and tommorow. This is definately my favourite mix so far.

6/28/2010 8:37:24 PM

sharkboy has uploaded a new Mix with the title updated with old vocals back.
File Description:I added back the original vocals and added a new vocal track to the beginning to beef up my bad singing. The new vocal is in unison, not in harmony. I also added some auto correct to fix some of the out-of-pitch spots.
I turned up the guitar for the break section and cranked up the gain a bit. Sounds pretty fucking vicious LOL.
The WMA encoder from Sonar was fucking up the mixes so I used their 24-bit wav encoder then used Microsoft's Expression encoder to create the WMA file. .

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6/28/2010 3:06:31 AM

If you are worried about how I see things in my wife must be too. She bought me a T-shirt with

"Although I know the voices in my head are'nt real.....they do come up with some cool ideas!" LOL!

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6/28/2010 3:01:22 AM

I'm listening to the last 3 mixes against each other in the multi track as I'm writing this.That way I'll type things as I notice.

I think I actually like the original vocals. It takes the listener through stages; This is how I visualize it in my head.

First 10 secs of vocal is an average person telling someone to get of their face, then in the next 10secs later he gets a bit frustrated, then about another 10-12 secs he's getting pretty pissed off until he starts to loose it (around the 35sec mark)

Then the music between the 52 sec and 58 sec suggust somesort of transformation (He's going crazy) and so from then on he just becomes more angry and demonic until the very end, which I guess by then he's a total nutbag on the loose.......until maybe he shoots himself!(explains the shotgun at the of those stories that starts at the end, then tells how it got to that stage.) 

Overall conclusion.

1) All the music seemed to be clear and well mixed. (I think adding a snare sample would  probably stand out too much.) 

2) I like the original vocals better (the FX/panning of the new vocals made it noticable that it was added later) 

3) New solo sounds great (as usual)

4) Guitar between 52 sec and 58sec Although it's made the drums stand out, I think it's killed the guitar. Definately liked the heavier guitar or bass (whatever is not there now??)

6/26/2010 6:45:50 PM

sharkboy has uploaded a new Mix with the title new mix w/ new vocals and g-solo.
File Description:I re-recorded the vocals for the first verse, redid the solo and incorporated the shot gun. Also fixed a few spots in the vocal that had clips. I added a compressor to the drums and a mastering quality compressor to the master out. There should be no clipping from any individual tracks but I have a boost tool that is part of my mastering tools that adds an extra 2db for the entire mix. I can nix this but then this will not sound as loud as a real CD.

I am going to put this on my Zune and play it on a bunch of different sound systems mixed in with some other stuff.

One problem I think I am having is that the snare is getting lost in the mix. Maybe I can add a sample that is triggered by your drum track.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think..

6/24/2010 7:20:55 PM

I like the shotgun idea. I never heard anyone do that before. That's a pretty good idea.

I think I am just going to try and rerecord the vocals in the first verse. Now that the melody is drilled into my brain it should be easier for me. I think that it should build up in intensity. 2nd verse should be stronger then fist. I just hear my vocal as lame in the first verse. It needs more expression. It is also off a bit in pitch.

I will also give the guitar solo another go. I am hating the sweep arpeggio. The problem is that I am not really pulling it off. I would like to do a more exaggerated vibrato at the end. Kind of Zack Wile (from Ozzy) style. If I can hammer that with more authority it can really make this sound better.
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6/24/2010 1:42:51 AM

IDEA!!!!!!!!!!   You could copy and paste part of your vocs from the second verse if you think it would fit in. 
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6/24/2010 1:40:34 AM

I listened to it today, all day both quite and really loud, over and over as I was driving around. I did notice for the first 30 or so secs the drums (mainly cymbal and tom) are a bit over powering causing the limiting to stand out on the cymbals and tom very boomy. Maybe instead, or as well as increasing vocals, reduce drum vol a little for the first part, (about20-30secs) so the limiting does'nt stand out quite so much. It seems like the first 30 or so secs is abit louder than the rest.  I also noticed when playing it loud, I had to turn it down at the solo, as it was very penetrating. So over all my thoughts are;

1, Reduce drums and increase/redo vocs in the first part (I think after the first change it is ok)

2, Slight reduction in vol for solo.

3, Maybe check it's not peaking anywhere, and limit to -.2 or something to prevent distortion.

4, Maybe to get immediate interest, At the very begining, over or instead of my first snare hit, put a shot gun blast????? or door slam!!!!!????? that way it's not just another boring start to a song.

6/23/2010 1:58:14 PM

My only comment is that I think my opening vocal is a little weak. I may try a few variations to see if I can improve on it. On the internet you only get around 3 bars before people click away. I may be nit-picking though.
I think you need to spring this on some regular people and see what kind of reaction you get. The trick is not to tell them it's you.

If you like it, go ahead and publish it. I have a new feature in the next build that will let you upload a new mix without messing up the play count.
Shattered Image
6/23/2010 4:38:30 AM

Yep! I'm quite happy with that mix. Listen to it a couple more times, and I will too. Tweak any bits you think need it. Let me know if there's anything you want to change or redo, and if not I guess we'll call it finished.

I think, like most musos, we could always pick at, and change things indefinately, I think it has it's core/feel/attitude/begining/ending and intensifies and ends at it's peak, (Just like most blokes LOLOLOLOL!) and I think the intensity towards the end makes you want to hear it again! 

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6/22/2010 5:03:44 AM

Very Cool !!!!!!!! Was just about to go to bed as I checked email notifications. Downloaded and had very quick listen on headphones. Sounds like a pretty good mix. Will have a proper listen tommorow, I like the echo FX on the vocals and it does sound crisper. I'll check in tommorow after listening on speakers etc.....

Gotta get to bed now, work in the morning


6/22/2010 4:26:52 AM

sharkboy has uploaded a new Mix with the title Updated Mix.
File Description:I made the changes as you said and did a few envelopes so that I can add some delay to a few key points in the vocal. Added some wha wha to the solo guitar and tweaked the EQ on the drums and master so it is a bit crisper..

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