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6/5/2013 10:20:31 AM

test mix sounds very good,, that snare drum sounds doubled really makes the intro stand out,, very nice!!

5/8/2013 5:32:41 PM
Bluemeanie72 has uploaded a new Mix with the title Ready To Go (test mix).
File Description:OK trying to get back up to speed - i see you changed the structure a little - its been a real bitch trying to line the vocals up as ive had to cut them apart to slot them in the mix and chop parts out to make it all fit - but anyway here is latest effort.

4/20/2013 1:28:36 AM
project_junky has uploaded several new tracks:
Track with the title ready_backvox_dry_0420.
File Description:DRY Back VOX NEW as of April 20

Track with the title ready_vox_dry_0420.
File Description:DRY VOX NEW as of April 20

Track with the title ready0420.
File Description:Rough mix to show NEW structure...

4/20/2013 1:17:46 AM
project_junky has deleted the following item from the workspace: new vox on blues's mix
4/18/2013 2:08:04 PM
Ohhhh  Did someone get a new toy ???  :)

>>>  Oh... Sorry B2B..  I'm not ignoring you :)   (I promise)  spread a little thin but I need to get you my vox seps minus effects...  I'll try late tonight.  Now with Blue back, I need to focus :)   Blue..  I fricken LOVE the drums you did on Broke...    Can't wait to hear a full version...
4/18/2013 9:16:59 AM
Bluemeanie72 has uploaded a new Mix with the title Ready to Go Dancey Hippity Hoppity version.
File Description:Haha sorry for this - i have some new software that i was messing about with - thought id try ready to go disco stylee !

I thought i would up for your amusement.

4/18/2013 8:21:32 AM
OK im back again - got all my data back

OK wheres all the vox tracks for this one?
4/15/2013 8:11:36 AM
Good to see you back matey....Looking forward to "Getting back to it" :-)
4/15/2013 7:21:04 AM
Howdy doody kiddywinkies - quick update - my external hard drive, although currently not working, is still in tact so i havent lost any of the tracks.... just waiting for a new drive caddy and ill be back in action... hopefully before end of the week
4/12/2013 9:53:13 AM
Yeah... The vocals were quite "wet" mate. I only added a small amount of reverb to widen them a little, that,s all.

I agree with the ending should fade out on the groove.

The bits at the very end where your vox trail off, is just a part of the "chopped" bits that I missed whilst doing the chopping process, and only found it at the last minute, and was never part of any idea to leave it that way....I suppose I should have taken it off, but to be honest, I got tired and just wanted to "up" something last night, but I'll revisit it again tonight.
It was more of a test of getting the arrangement correct, and fitting the vox. I also need to turn the guitar break part down a tad on the fade out/outro....all to be sorted for next trial.

So....plan of action..
1) Could you please upload vox again without any processing
2) I'll place them into the song with the correct will end "on the groove"
3) I'll do whatever needs doing to the mix to dry it all up a bit, and wait for Blue to get sorted.
4) I'll also work on a drumtrack as close to Blues' one, just in case he's lost it (hope he's OK)

But, as your own time, and if/when you have time to do it matey.

Catch you in a bit.


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