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Music by chill

Demo - Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Oasis)


No Description

Demo - Live Forever (Oasis)


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Demo - Apologize (One Republic)


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Demo - Linger (Cranberries)


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Demo - Creep (Radiohead)


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Demo - Funeral song (Rasmus)


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I'm looking for a band or 1 man to colloborate, to record demos and tcompose something new together


Scorpions, The Fray, Rasmus, Oasis, The Zombies, The Eagles, Mylene Farmer, Bella Ferraro


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Online bands that chill is a member of

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the night     Looking for ACTIVE musicians who wanna contribute every day. 2/27/2017
7 days an hour An online pop punk/alternative rock band. If you like this kind of music feel free to join. Don't be affraid to post your stuff, I really want to hear what you come up with!  2/27/2017
Dago Band An online virtual band 3/24/2017
0utlet A story about a fake singer named outlet. The name outlet is an identity. hes universal therefore he is many.

Rebellution Changing the world one song at a time. We. Are. Rebels. 6/25/2017
Experimental Electronic Fun This band is simply a place to plug in and practice making music online. If you think you can handle teaming up with a beginner just to have fun, feel free to join up. I have never made a whole song. I can record though, and I have some interesting gear, which means I am at least bringing that to the table. 

Come join me, and lets record some tracks. Fun/Practice is the name of the game. 

Diamond Explosion An online virtual band 11/19/2017
Hindley Earnshaw Hi everybody! I would like to find a lyricist who could share some texts in English. I sing and play the keys, and I have some music, but there's no decent lyrics yet. I hope that we can work on it. Please message me! Thanks. 1/4/2018

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