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Music by project_junky


Rock Album

No info..

Always Alone

This and That

Another track by Friday Night Music Club with thanks to as always. Please check out Friday Night Music Clubs YouTube channel where you can watch the videos we have created for the songs published on MOB. Thanks



Dont be shy...



This song is a result of an online collaboration of musicians from Russia and United States. Scott Clark - vocals, lyrics Alexander Vedeneev - music

Madly In Love

Madly In Love

No info..


This and That

A true MOB collaboration. Tiffers: Vocals, lyrics, inspiration Project Junky: Vocals,lyrics,Producer,Pianos,Strings MajorParts: Bass, Production Advisor and nice bottom Bluemeanie72: Acoustic Guitars, Percussion With thanks to all other people who added ideas and helped us along the way - sorry it didnt make the mix

It All Falls Down

This and That

From the hearts of 4 artists that met through and love sharing music. All songs were done with the help of and we are very grateful for such a great website. Without it, we'd never be able to create our music.


Rock Album

A song collaboration Simonb - Music and all instruments Big E. - Lead Vocals, lyrics Scott Clark - Back vocals, arrangement, lyrics, production. A very special thanks for Simon for letting me toy around with his awesome guitar licks.

I Could Die Tonight

This and That

Brought together through, Friday Night Music Club is happy to publish another song. "I Could Die Tonight" began as a simple jam but was transformed when Tiffany Childers, Jonathan Legg, Scott Clark and John Hodsoll began adding their own personal touches. -

Always Be There

This and That

FNMC proudly presents "Always Be There" Vocals/Backing Vocals/Lyrics: Tiffany Childers Guitars/Production: Jonathan Legg Piano/Strings/Backing Vocals: Scott Clark Bass: John Hodsoll

I Eat Fruit Loops for Breakfast

I Eat Fruit Loops for Breakfast

No info..

My Home

This and That

Another Friday Night Music Club collaboration; Song written by Tiffany Childers/Jonathan Legg Tiffany Childers: Vocals, Lyrics Jonathan Legg: Guitars, production Scott Clark: Piano, strings, backing vocals John Hodsoll: Bass Enjoy


This and That

FNMC proudly presents "Hush" Vocals/Backing Vocals/Lyrics/Production: Scott Clark Guitars/Piano/Strings/Drum Programming: Jonathan Legg Backing Vocals: Tiffany Childers Synth Bass: John Hodsoll

Summer Town Cafe

This and That

A song that owes its life to Song written by Scott Clark Scott Clark: Vocals, Lyrics, Piano, Backing Vocals Jonathan Legg: Guitars, Strings, Bass, Production. John Hodsoll: Production Advisor Tiffany Childers: Production Advisor Friday Night Music Club



I'm excited to see what this website has to offer as far as musicians and songwriters. 

I love most styles of music.  My comfort zone is main stream rock, with an edge if possible.  

I like stuff like Shinedown, Alter Bridge, Lighthouse, Nickelback, Soundgarden, Monster Magnet and Faith No More but I also really like coffee house styled acoustic stuff as well.   Even outside of those styles, I like to push my boundaries.

I'm a keyboard player that has delusions of being a lead vocalist.  I'm a very bad guitar player but force myself to play scratch tracks in order to show real guitar players what's in my head.

I'm self taught so that means I'm no fun to speak to when it comes to sheet music and music theory :(  

I'd love to find and collaborate with anyone that's looking for a singer or songwriter.
I'd also love to collaborate with artists that can help make my material stronger. 


I like stuff like Shinedown, Alter Bridge, Lighthouse, Nickelback, Soundgarden, Monster Magnet and Faith No More but I also really like coffee house styled acoustic stuff as well. Even outside of those styles, I like to push my boundaries.


  • Vocal

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Musical Styles:Alternative,Heavy Metal,Folk,Pop,Rock,Punk,Experimental
  • Songwriter

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Musical Styles:Alternative,Heavy Metal,Folk,Pop,Rock,Punk,Experimental
  • Keyboards

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Musical Styles:Alternative,Folk,Pop,Rock

Song workspaces started by project_junky

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Soon Recruiting / Idea Exchange 10/14/2012 9/25/2013 11:15:00 AM
I'll Always Dance With You Recruiting / Idea Exchange 9/23/2012 11/14/2013 5:14:00 PM
I Could Die Tonight Published 8/1/2012 9/5/2012 7:44:00 PM
It All Falls Down Published 7/27/2012 10/12/2012 10:55:00 AM
Truth about Lies Recruiting / Idea Exchange 7/20/2012 12/14/2012 3:00:00 PM
Legendary Recruiting / Idea Exchange 7/16/2012 7/16/2012 8:22:00 PM
ballantine Published 7/10/2012 7/26/2012 5:20:00 PM
Start all over from I love you. Recruiting / Idea Exchange 6/23/2012 4/30/2013 8:09:00 AM
take your time Recruiting / Idea Exchange 5/23/2012 3/30/2013 3:02:00 PM
Hunger Games (Fight My Way Back To You) Recruiting / Idea Exchange 5/4/2012 3/27/2013 10:04:00 AM
Pub Song + Birthday Beer Song Recruiting / Idea Exchange 4/27/2012 8/13/2012 6:09:00 AM
Summer Town Cafe Published 4/25/2012 3/11/2013 6:02:00 AM
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Automatic - Hard Rock Tune Published 2/18/2012 8/13/2012 6:13:00 AM
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Avalanches Recruiting / Idea Exchange 12/8/2011 4/23/2012 9:03:00 AM
psycho mother Recruiting / Idea Exchange 11/8/2011 7/16/2012 4:51:00 AM
Find Our Way Recruiting / Idea Exchange 10/28/2011 11/20/2011 5:24:00 PM

Song workspaces project_junky has contributed to

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Thanks For Way Back When Published 5/9/2012 11/15/2015 8:44:00 PM 3
Need a singer Active 5/27/2014 9/22/2014 8:57:00 PM 3
Here Comes The Sun Active 7/24/2012 6/22/2014 10:41:00 AM 3
Welcome to the Show (?) Active 3/3/2012 5/18/2014 5:53:00 AM 1
Always Alone Published 3/2/2013 2/9/2014 10:30:00 AM 8
Howd I Lose You? Published 6/5/2012 12/1/2013 12:48:00 PM 1
Painting Pictures Published 3/9/2013 7/24/2013 2:40:00 PM 1
Trev and Mike What If Active 6/2/2013 6/29/2013 5:27:00 PM 1
Ready to Go Mix 3/24/2013 6/5/2013 10:21:00 AM 3
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All Together Now Active 4/25/2012 5/5/2013 1:18:00 AM 2
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This Time Filled 6/13/2011 4/22/2013 12:16:00 AM 1
Hush Published 6/20/2012 3/22/2013 2:01:00 AM 2
Remain Active 4/17/2012 3/16/2013 2:18:00 PM 1
Drop D Idea Active 2/23/2013 3/4/2013 7:54:00 PM 1
Why? Published 3/12/2012 10/12/2012 11:31:00 AM 1
Simply Crossover - Mind Bomb Active 2/13/2012 8/13/2012 6:11:00 AM 2
Solo-capo Active 7/9/2012 7/10/2012 3:45:00 AM 1
Shine Published 2/19/2012 6/13/2012 8:21:00 PM 1
My Home Published 4/28/2012 5/27/2012 12:55:00 PM 1
Bitter Pill Active 4/29/2012 4/30/2012 12:47:00 AM 1

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Legion 418 Legion 418 is an online band. 11/4/2011
The Beatleg Bootles Covers band. Also, any original material inspired by the same bands. 3/27/2012
FNMC Private Music Writing Group 4/12/2012
Idle System I'm a guitar player and I have a bunch of songs that you can listen to here: My plan is to form an online band to make a demo record and promote the music online. Join me if you like my music and let's work together. 2/16/2012
Summertown Cafe Collaborative for PJs song 5/4/2012
rock and metal jam tracks throw jam tracks up for a jam,, make some noise have a bit of fun 10/26/2012
Jessica Song To enable the completion of the song "Jessica" 1/14/2013
Parabolic Misfits Focusing mainly on Rock, acoustic rock with some peppering of hard edged riff rock. Should be well versed on songwriting, grooves and feel. Need a drummer, Bass, Guitar and Keys. 2/23/2013
William and Scott projects Just two people that like to play music. 6/30/2013

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