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Music by sharkboy

It's not me

sharkboy's Album

This a cool little mellow tune to end a relationship to. Thanks to Johnnykeys and WarmGravy it is coming along nicely.

My Angel

kipgunter's Album

A song co-written with TiM


sharkboy's Album

This started out as a classical guitar piece but then I added an additional flat picking section for the chorus. Looking for bass, vocals, keys and anything else that sounds cool. Tempo is 105 BPM. Guitar is using Capo at 2nd fret.


WarmGravy's Album

Testicular Hijinks

I need you here


This is am old song brought back from the archives with the help of HunnyG.

Use Me

Use Me

This is a cover of the Bill Withers masterpiece "Use Me". We added our own spin on the tune and made it a bit more rock. I hope you all like it.



No info..

A Prayer for Maria (Acoustic)


This is a song I wrote for Maria. I wrote the first version of this song when my wife was pregnant with Maria and the doctors did not know if she would make it. They told us that if she did live she would have life long disabilities and illness. This was my prayer to God and gift to my little girl. Lord let me find strength in her beauty. Let me find hope in her heart. Let me be the bones to help her stand. Let me be the eyes to help her see.

I Used To

Hunny Gangsta

This is a song about reaching middle age looking back with fondness on your past crazy days and looking forward into uncertainty. In a way it is a sad song but in others it takes you on a journey and in the end is hopeful.


Myonlineband 2013

This is my tribute to the most over prescribed group of chemicals in the world. 85% of the benefit was the same as with a sugar pill in clinical trials for most of the drugs in this category. This translates into the fact that this drug will have no benefit for most people who they are prescribed to. Since they have no real test to see if you actually have a chemical imbalance they can't tell you for certain if the drug can help you.

Blackbird Song

The Broken Road

Cover version of Lee Dewyze's "Blackbird Song" used in The Walking Dead.

Karma Comes Around

Electronica for the Little People

Just some annoying stuff I've been working on when I should be getting more important things done.



This song is inspired by the events in NYC on 9/11/2001 and is dedicated to all the brave heroes from around the world how have hunted down the murders.

Fists of Righteous Harmony


The title is the English translation for Yihe tuan. This was a group of Chinese that fought against the English in the 1890s. The believed that they had magic powers and could not be killed by bullets. Unfortunately for them, it did not work out so well. This music is somewhat technical, extremely heavy yet musical. Guitars tuned down to B and a few keyboard parts added mostly for sound effects. The lyrics where originally inspired by a friend of mine who was a diagnosed with a stage 4 lung cancer and given only a few months to live. He vowed to fight it to the end even though the odds where against him. He lived on for a year and a half beating the odds although he did not beat the cancer. I rededicate it to people all over the world who are fighting an impossible battle even though they know the odds are against them.

Mortis Rigorem

sharkboy's Album

This is a cheerful song about a guy who was buried alive but can still feel himself rotting.

Bad Trip


This was one of my favorite Hermaphro songs. It was by far the simplest song in our set but people would kill each other and go crazy when we played it. The first solo is by me (Sharkboy) the second solo with the incredible feedback is Tony B. The screaming at the end is way Tony's mom would scream at us and sprinkle us with holy water:)

Dr. Thanatos


Dr. Thanatos, a scientist of the highest caliber is hied by the US government to create a new race of super humans that can survive a nuclear war. In a secret deal with the government of North Korea he sets up his base inside a camp for political prisoners who he uses in his experiments. After years of isolation the doctor goes mad and plans on taking over the world and ruling his race of self-replicating human worm hybrids.

Crypt Sex


This was from the Band Hermaphro. It was written with Tony now of Swampa-zz. It pretty fucking crazy. We where all out of our minds. The band was based on this idea Tony and I came up with after drinking one to many cups of coffee about Hermaphrodites taking over the earth after a nuclear holicost. we had this whole idea about people self replicating like earth worms in massive discusing orgies. The things that enter your head after drinking maxwell house...

What is This Thing Called Love

sharkboy plays Jazz

No Description

My Katrina

Tender Sharkboy Moments

Song dedicated to my daughter Katrina. Was first written before she was born. This is a just for fun recording.



This is a song dedicated to my wife. It is about how relationships help us to evolve and grow as humans and how love true love stands the test of time.

A Prayer for Maria


This song is dedicated to my little girl Maria. I first wrote this shortly after she was born and heard she might never see or walk. It is a heart-felt prayer that I prayed in my head a thousand ways. God graciously fulfills my request everyday, every time Maria smiles.

Tears of a sinner

S & E

This was a song recorded by Eric M from All she wrote and Shawn. I added the guitar parts.

Funky Blue Monk

Sharkboy Got the Funk

This is based on the Thelonious Monk song Blue Monk but with rock instrumentation. This is a just for fun blues tune that I hope you will dig.

Improv on a Vamp

Off the top of my head

This is a one take wonder. I used to record these modal chord vamps to practice over when I first started studying jazz. I would record them and make Tony from Swampa-zz listen to them. He would tell me I was an ass but he loved me anyway.


sharkboy's Album

Came up with this riff while waiting for the school bus to come and drop off my kid. I had my amp cranked to like ten. The tree outside my house had stuff falling off of it. Bus pulls up, they see me standing in the window with my LP strapped on just ripping it up. Lyrics and vocal line was improvised. Not sure what its about.

Angry Funk from Hell

Purgetory in Dans Basement

This is another fun jam from Dan's basement. It starts out with me playing random non-sense (as fast I can), then the Dans jumping in for an all out shred fest. It then jumps into a hyper-active white boy funk jam, then back to the metal. This is a great song if you are into spazin out on crack.

Acid Tears

Purgatory in Dans Basement

Yet another jem from the basement of Dan. This song was recorded with a cheap tape recorder placed in the middle of the room. I got the tape player at a White Snake concert. Some guy was trying to sneak it in but chucked it when he saw they where frisking people. I grabbed it and stuck it in my trench coat. They didn't frisk me because I looked so damn innocent. This song is me and Dan's attempt to use every time signature possible. This was was allot of fun.

Maria for the President

sharkboy's Album

This is a fun funk centered song. My kids and I are playing with some lyrical concepts that would make this the theme song for my younger daughter's potential presidential campaign  

Buggy ass website blues

sharkboy's Album

This is my song

live once again

live once again

No info..


Rock jam

Medium tempo Heavy rock (125 bpm). You Tube Video:



Who the hell is Sharkboy?

I First picked up the guitar when I was 14 years old. Studied music in college at William Paterson University in NJ and had played in a few crazy bands and gigged in many legendary New York City night clubs including The Limelight and Webster Hall. I have formally studies many styles of music including jazz, classical guitar, rock, and more.

Why Music Collaboration

I love online music collaboration because of all the interesting and talented people I have met and been able to make music with from almost every corner of the world. 

I am not looking to be a rock star or get a record deal. I just love making music and finding new challenges and new avenues to expand my level of musicianship and create unique expressive music.

What type of music do you play?

I love all kinds of music. I think genres are a cage that trap and limit your creativity. When I write a song, I let the music go to where it needs to. You can call some of my music metal, other songs folk, maybe other things jazz. To me it is just music. 

Why did you create

After taking a break from music for a while I found that I needed a way to get back into it. Having a new family and a full time job made it difficult. I started looking on the Internet for people to collaborate with and found the current state of the software and web to be disappointing. For the first song I did on the web, A Prayer For Maria, I found it impossible to complete using other websites and started creating my own very simple site just to get this song done. 
Over time I have added more and more features and more people have joined.
Today we have over 8900 members working on 1000s of songs with over 10,000 songs in our online radio station. We also get around 30,000 visits per month from people around the world who just want to check out music.


Stevie Ray Vaughan , Allen Holdsworth , Gary Moore, Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle, GG Allin, AC/DC , Metallica, Tool , Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, John Coltrane, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Black Sabbath, Pantara , System Of a Down, Sublime, Sonny Landreth


  • Guitar

    Skill Level: Advanced
    Musical Styles:Alternative,Blues,Metal,Rock


    I do the metal stuff the best but can play blues, funk, and other types of music pretty well. Guitar is my primary intrument.
  • Bass Guitar

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Musical Styles:Alternative,Blues,Metal,Rock


    I can play basic bass parts and have gear for when needed.
  • Songwriter

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Musical Styles:Alternative,Blues,Metal,Rock


    Not sure how to qualify my song writing abilties. Some people like the stuff I come up with, some don't.
  • Sound Designer

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Musical Styles:Electronica


    Create cool sounds on my My
  • Lyricist

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Musical Styles:Alternative,Metal,Rock


    I have been known to write some interesting lyrics (he he)

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Healing Fire Healing Fire is a band with members spanning four continents.Our mission is to compose creative pop music with complex textures and compelling melodies that engages the listener. 5/30/2009
Cranked Rock n Roll how it's meant to be, Loud, Aggresive, Raw and Rebelious. We're not here to be polite or polically correct. We're here to make a noise and make it loud. So crank up the volume, and "Get Cranked" 11/24/2009
The Beta Testers This is a band to help test new features for the website. If you want to help us make the site better feel free to sign up. Your feedback is what makes this site better. 5/8/2011
The New Old Skool Rockers This Band Will Be For The New Old Skool Rockers 3/26/2011
AbStrax Do the same thing over and over, but expect a different result, that is the definition of insane. 7/13/2011
Hunny Gangsta and da Funky Bears Sharkboy and HonnyG band to work on some tunes. 2/1/2013
In our story the demented Dr. Thanatos worked in a secret US government laboratory located in North Korea. The US had worked out a deal with the North Korean government that would allow heir doctor to do his work in secret with the help of a camp load of political prisoners in exchange for US aid. After decades of work the doctor successfully creates a new human sub species capable of self replication.
After this program is cut do to US government budget changes, the doctor is ordered to terminate his creation. The doctor refuses and instead hides underground and executes his evil plan that slides the world into a chaos that results into nuclear , chemical, and germ warfare followed by famine and disease that eventually wipes out the human race.
worksgroup private settings 11/20/2013
novocaina trip An online virtual band clasic rock. 12/22/2015
Many more thoughts An online virtual band that would consist of different minds and different point of views ....differents thoughts....everyone knows words are words but its the way u say them that decides wether ur crazy or not ....hahaha.... lets get crazy....!!!! 5/13/2014

Welcome to the band page of Equilibrium. This band is all about exploring the many genres of music.

  8/24/2016 - Drummer has joined our band! Welcome! (not much to say :p)
Gavel Crossover thrash / hardcore band from New Jersey founded by John De Stefano in 2014 is back with new line up. Currently looking for Bass players in Jew Jersey area. 8/10/2016
Dark Flame Masters An online virtual band 6/23/2016

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